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Passionate Life Coaching Professional


As a missionary, pastor, and as a life coach, Tony wants to engage others in a way that will free them and help them focus their energies to glorify God and enjoy Him and others fully. 

Education And Experience

Tony has a B.A in Business Administration and worked for 7 years in operations for a Wall Street NY bank

Tony has a Masters of Divinity (MDIV) from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and was 20 years  a missionary with WorldVenture.

He trained with an ACTP (accredited training program) Certificate from Coaching for Clergy.  He is an internal  life coach with the Paraclete Services of WorldVenture.

Christians have the joy and privilege of having a relationship with the Living God, the Lord Jesus Christ .  We need clarity and focus to make good and Godly decisions. We will endeavor together to bring clarity  and focus to your present and  focus for your future.


In a thought-provoking and creative process that helps bring clarity and focus to their lives and careers


The client themselves may know the right choice before them. I will endeavor to ask questions, listen deeply, and pursue what is already apparent to them but has perhaps been made unclear


The client will begin to see the issue before them from a different angle or an entirely new point of view 


God is not a God of confusion but of clarity,  and focus.  (1 Corinthians 14:33)  He wants us to invest our lives for His Glory and our Joy (Matthew 6:19-21, John 15: 11) He wants our lives to be a source of overflowing life giving actions and words  (John 7:37-39)


Often there seems to be confusion as to our focus or the next steps.  Processing with a life coach can help bring clarity to our lives.


What Coaching Is/Isn't


Coaching is a relationship between your coach and you 

You and God are the experts in your life. Coaching helps you connect to you, God, His wisdom and yours to take action to create the life you and He really want

Coaching is100% Confidential & Non-Judgemental

What is said here by you and I stays here

Coaching is NOT advice/counseling/therapy


Your goals and focus may change in a session and that's normal

1 - I will repeat back what you have just said

2 - I will ask tough questions

3 - I will ask you for your next steps

4 - I will close our time in prayer

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Coaching for life


Our time together is directed by what’s on your heart.  I will ask questions and listen to you that we may determine coaching goals, for this session and for the foreseeable future. We will determine a next step for today

As a missionary, pastor, and now trained as a coach I want to engage others in a way that will free them and help them focus their energies to glorify God and enjoy Him and others fully.  I want to assist them in tackling issues or choices they must make especially as they make this transition to being a missionary.

I have coached career choices, missionary life transitions, contract negotiations, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (adhd) issues, pre marital and relationship issues. 


I would be available for 30 minutes to one hour time slots with either face to face,voice, or video appointments. 

Interested ? Email me at

Fees are based on a sliding scale of $10-$150 an hour in agreement between Tony & the client

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